Rhubarb is considered to be a valuable medicine, capable of supporting healing very well. Almost all traditional medicine pharmacies today are indispensable for this flavor. To help everyone know 20 remedies from rhubarb are extremely useful for many people. The following article will provide the most specific information.

What is rhubarb?

The scientific name of rhubarb is Rhem palmatum Baill. This is a plant in the same family as Polygonaceae (Polygonaceae). In China rhubarb is also known as rhubarb. Rhubarb has a hollow cylindrical body, smooth outside. When mature, the tree is about 1m high. This is a perennial herb.

The trunk is cylindrical, hollow inside, smooth outside, about 1m high. Plants have bulging roots that form tubers that are yellow, dark, fragrant and slightly pungent. Staggered rustic leaves, heart-shaped blades about the size of a fan. The leaf edge has a wide and broad tooth shape, and the tip of the leaf is pointed. The shape of the leaf margin is similar to that of an unevenly shallow lobe. The leaves have long stalks. Medicinal herbs with purple flowers grow in clusters. There are three-sided holding results. In China Rhem Rhem palmatum Baill is also known as the Grandmaster of the Ancient Lion.

In addition to the rhubarb, two other plants are also used: the ancient rhubarb (Rheum tanguticum Maxim. Et Regel – Rheum palmatum L. var Tanguticum Maxim) and the Pharmacopoeia (Rheum officinale Baill). These two plants are also called rhubarb.

Rhizomes, also known as tubers, appear with a length of about 5 – 17cm and a width of about 4 – 10cm. Medicinal herbs are circle or about 2 – 4cm thick. On the medicinal surface there is beautiful yellow dust, fragrant and very firm. Cut out smooth branches, when the bite sticks to the teeth is good. Depending on the type, there are low-oil dry meats, some soft-headed ones are yellow-black in color. The type with a lot of varnish is good (according to Pharmacology).

Distribution, collection, processing

Plants native to China are used for a long time and gradually penetrated into Europe. In China, trees grow wild or cultivated in Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan. Rhubarb that grows in Sichuan province is popular and is called trans rhubarb. Currently, rhubarb has been cultivated in many countries: Netherlands, France, America, Japan, the former Soviet Union. We still have to import Chinese.

Rhubarb prefers a cool humid climate in the highlands over 1,000 m above sea level. Due to the measurement, in our country can go to the rhubarb growing in Sapa.

Collection and preliminary processing: After 3 years, it can be harvested in September-October. Dig the whole tree to cut off shoots, shoots, rootlets, remove the outer bark, wash, leave the roots or split them to dry quickly. In particular, do not use a sharp knife to scrape the skin, as doing so will turn rhubarb black.

Preliminary collection of rhubarb


Bring whole roots soaked in cold water, take out and keep wet burlap, after 2-3 days see the soft core coming, then cut or slice to dry. When used can be used raw with alcohol, burning stars, or distillation … depending on the doctor.

There are many ways in the treatment of rhubarb:

Bring rhubarb distilled with wine to crush, dry in the sun, then spread the powder, mix with honey to make into small balls, and dry (Dai Tu Dictionary).

Using rhubarb to add distilled wine several times is okay (Pharmaceutical Tai Hoc).

Soak the raw medicine in water to soften it, take it out, cut it into slabs, dry. Used raw or mixed with alcohol, or carbonized or steamed (Essential Oriental Medicine).

Preservation: To place medicinal herbs in a dry place, should be dried and covered carefully because medicinal herbs are easy to change color and are pests. Every summer, bring it to dry again.

Dosage: Use 4 – 20 grams / day. If powdered should reduce the dose. Use outside use arbitrary doses.

How to use: Soaked, so that the medicinal herbs have the effect of curing blood. Used raw as medicine to help reduce heat (according to the Method of Preparing Oriental Medicine).

Chemical composition of rhubarb

Rhubarb has active ingredients such as:

  • The derivatives of anthraquinonoid (total amount about 3-5%), mostly in the combined state include chrysophanol emodin, aloe emodin, rhein and physcion.
  • The compounds with tannin (rheotannoglycoside) are mainly glucogallin, rheum tannic acid, gallic acid, catechin, tetrarin, cinnamic acid, rheosmin.
  • Fatty acids, calcium acalate, glucose, fructose, sennoside A, B, C, D, E, organic acids and estrogen-like substances.

Pharmacological effects

According to modern medicine research:

  • Stopping bleeding, reducing clotting time, reducing the permeability of capillaries, improving the lateral strength of the vessel wall, stimulating through the marrow to create more platelets.
  • Gallbladder, increase gallbladder muscle, relax sphincter.
  • Antibacterial, mainly staphylococci, gonorrhea, diphtheria, paratyphoid, dysentery, inhibition of some fungal bacteria and cold viruses.
  • Anesthesia, lowering blood pressure, stimulating the heart.
  • Inhibit the growth of cancer cells, prevent bloating due to hepatitis diseases.
  • Diuretic, liver protection, Cholesterol reduction.

According to traditional medicine:

  • New born past tofu, enemy field, advantageous medicine cup, peace of the five organs, the middle, realization (according to the Kinh).
  • Disclosure convenient, destroy stasis (according to Chinese Pharmacology).
  • Destroying phlegm, communication, irrigation, watering, internal organs, animal food, heat accumulation, beneficial primary school (according to Herbal Medicine Draft)

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Medicines from rhubarb

20 remedies from rhubarb are extremely useful for many people include:

1, Cure mild constipation. Or cure constipation in people in weak health. Relieve constipation in postpartum women and the elderly

Prepare golden star rhubarb, post-sketch every 9g with 15g fire magic core, 9g only real. Bring all excellent medicinal herbs for drinking water 1 month per day. Divide into 2-3 drinks while still warm before meals during the day. Persistently use until the constipation subsides.

Effects of rhubarb
Rhubarb tree

2, Rhubarb is also effective for people suffering from chronic constipation. Or constipation caused by occupation.

Prepare 45g yellow rhubarb, 20g peach, only real, rosemary, licorice, 15g each. Crush the powdered onion herbs. Then add honey to make the pellets. Drink 2 times a day in the morning and at night. Each drink 6g with water for braking only or just real.

3, Treatment of nosebleeds, vomiting blood, cerebral congestion, hemorrhoids, swollen gums

Prepare rhubarb with golden stars, royal regains, royal holds 12g each. All bring excellent water to drink each day 1 ladder. Divided into 2-3 times to drink before meals during the day. Stick with it for several days until symptoms subside.

4, Treat boils in the mouth, tongue, nostrils, breast boils

Use rhubarb into fine powder and drink 9g each time. Besides, you can add rhubarb powder into the water to make a paste. Use this mixture to apply on sick areas.

5, Rhubarb helps treat burns

Use burnt rhubarb and grind it into a fine powder. Then apply it on the wound. Or you can mix it with eucalyptus oil and apply to the lightly burned area.

6, Treatment of genital pain in women

Use 40g of wild wild to bring excellent drink with 1 pound of vinegar.

7, Treatment of eye pain, severe red eyes

Use rhubarb with quartet and bring wine to drink.

Effects of rhubarb
The effect of rhubarb is very good for health

8, Treatment of bad breath, tooth root bleeding

Prepare rhubarb soaked with rice water to soften along with the birth of the rhubarb. Each taste takes 1 slice. Combine both items and paste on the sore area. When taking this remedy, talk should be avoided. After only 1 night will cure the pain. If the condition gets worse, do it one more time.

9, Acne red hot swollen pimples

Use rhubarb powder mixed with vinegar. Then apply it on the pimple. When dry, make a new one. Persistently do it until it goes away.

10, Treatment of breast swelling

Prepare rhubarb, rosemary, 40g each. All are powdered and cooked with delicious wine to high. When using the patient should apply medicine to the cloth and stick to the swelling. You should drink 1 tablespoon with hot alcohol before pasting.

11, Treatment of strange symptoms caused by phlegm, vomiting, phlegm in the chest

Prepare 40g rhubarb, 10g licorice (injection). All bring together a full bowl of water until there is one then stop. This remedy helps remove phlegm from the throat quite well.

12, Treatment of the taste field, heat to cause constipation

Treatment 1: Prepare 10-15 g rhubarb, only real, post-regimen every 6-8g. Bring all the decoction to drink a ladder a day.

Treatment 2: Prepare 10-15g rhubarb, only real, post-regimen, each of 8g. Bring all the colors into medicine. Then mix with 10g to bring pepper. Used to drink during the day.

13, Treatment of constipation, colic caused by cancer

Prepare 12g rhubarb, 16g single envelope, peach, winter through death, bring pepper each 12g. Tta61 both used to sharpen drinking water during the day.

14, Treatment of menstrual cramps, blood stagnation, postpartum blood stasis, pain in the lower abdomen

Prepare rhubarb, digging each 12g. All bring excellent drinking water with 4g sterile.

15, Treating vomiting blood, pain jolt

Rhubarb 40g brought into fine powder. Each time use 4g sharp with a cup of Biological water, until half of the cup is used to drink.

Effects of rhubarb
Rhubarb medicine is used to treat many diseases effectively

16, Treatment of leg pain caused by wind, lumbar aches

Use 80g rhubarb 80g chopped and mix with a little milk. Then dry, let black. Each drink 8g sharp with 3 cups of water and 3 slices of fresh ginger. Drink on an empty stomach.

17, Cures heat delirium

Use 200g chopped rhubarb. Continue to fry red slightly and then spread the flour. Then use 5 pounded water to cook her to become tall again. Each drink use 1/2 teaspoon with cold water.

18, Cure leprosy heat, immediate treatment, digestion, blood conduction, phlegm chemistry, gas chemistry

Use 160g rhubarb, 80g yellow star burdock shield. All brought into fine powder. Add a little honey to make a finished member, about the size of a cornflower seed. Take 10 capsules each time with warm water. If the condition is severe, you can use 20 tablets at a time.

19, Cure urinary incontinence, long-term storage dispersion, bloating pain, indigestion, heart palpitations

Use 50g rhubarb, 80g angelica. All bring into a fine powder and mix the paste to make a complete member. Each drink 40 tablets. Divided into 3 times a day.

20, Cure stomach overflowing, have cubes, lumps

Prepare 400g rhubarb into a fine powder. Next, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 pounds of vinegar and mix well. Then cook to high to make a member about the size of a sycamore seed. Each time use 30 capsules with warm ginger water.

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Some notes when using rhubarb

  • Taking medicine about 20-30 minutes after a meal will work best.
  • It can be taken when it is hot or allowed to cool it down. Can drink cold, but should not be too overused because it will reduce the effect of the drug. It is best to drink while the medicine is still hot.
  • Do not use the drug overnight because it can cause bloating, abdominal pain caused by fermenting microorganisms.
  • When taking diet pills water spinach, green beans, fishy foods, spicy foods, alcohol, beer and stimulants to lose the effect of the drug or be counterproductive.
  • Pregnant women, women during childbirth or during pregnancy should not use rhubarb
  • The debilitated body needs to be careful when using medicinal herbs
  • Fertilizing due to blood stasis and fertilizing the elderly are prohibited from using medicinal herbs

Above is information about 20 remedies from rhubarb are extremely useful for many people. The remedies are for reference only. To ensure safety and effectiveness, the patient should consult a doctor.

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