For a long time, the tree has been considered as a valuable medicine that is very popularly used by the nomenclature. In the remedies are important to support the treatment of diseases, to nourish the body in the best way. For more information about 14+ effects of pea plant, an indispensable tonic of Vietnamese people. We invite you to take a look at this article!

What is a pea tree?

The tree is also known as myrrh – this name is due to the silver silk fiber contained in the bark. The scientific name of the bean plant is Eucomia ulmoides Oliv. This plant belongs to the family Eucommiaceae. The great medicine was first recorded by the Book of Sutras.

Peanut tree characteristics

Do Trong is a medicinal plant belonging to the woody trunk type. The tree has a height of 15-20m, gray bark, 33-50cm diameter. The leaves are alternate, ovate, with oval or lobed stalks. At the end of the leaf is often pointed, green, serrated. Young leaves are hairy, old leaves will be striped and smooth.

Peanut flowers are unisexual flowers other than wood. If the male flowers grow in clusters, the female flowers usually gather 5-10 females in the leaf axils. The fruit has thin, flattened wings, slightly convex middle. Inside the fruit, there is a flat seed, round at both ends, which can be used for breeding.

Peanut tree characteristics
Peanut tree

Types of beans

Currently, there are two main types of beans: northern and southern beans. For each specific score as follows:

Northern pea tree

Has a flat flat shell, about 0.1 – 0.4cm thick. Do Trong Bac has high brittleness, easy to break, slightly bitter taste and aroma. The outer surface is gray-brown or yellow-brown, with many longitudinal wrinkles. The shell holes are usually horizontal, the inner surface is quite smooth, with a slightly translucent purple-brown color.

Southern bean tree

There are trough-shaped rolls, about 0.2-0.4cm thick. The outer surface of the male bean pod is yellow-brown, bright yellow, with many longitudinal cracks. The inner surface is usually smooth, hard and hard to break, no odor, pale, slightly acrid taste.

Distribution, collection and processing of beans

The origin of the pea plant is from China. Although it has been introduced to Vietnam, it has not been widely developed.

At the time of April-May of each year. People will use saws to cut around the bark into arbitrary lengths. Then use a knife to cut along the stem into pieces for easy peeling.

To keep the tree intact, not dead. During the peeling process should only stop at 1/3 of the level around. This helps the tree to continue to grow easily in the location that has been peeled. From there to harvest in the following years.

When peeled, it will be brought back to boil with boiling water. Spread out on a flat place and line the bottom with straw. The top requires tightening to help the plastic cover be flat. Cover the surrounding area with straw to melt the sap.

After about a week, take a piece of beans to check again. If it turns purple, stop drying. Continue to scrape off the outer shell for a smooth shine. Then cut into desired pieces. Apply different processing methods according to each purpose.

Distribution, collection and processing of beans
The bark is the medicine of the pea tree

Chemical composition of pea plant

In the composition of the tree, there are many precious active ingredients such as Alcaloids, Vitamin C, Gutta – Percha, Glycoside, Potassium, fat albumin, colorants, essential oils, inorganic salts.

Pharmacological uses of peas

According to Oriental Medicine

  • Uses: Do Trong has the effect of supplementing, strengthening tendons and bones, replenishing damaged liver, improving pregnancy, helping Tinh Qi, strong will, yang blood, lowering blood pressure, warming the uterus.
  • Treatment: Weak limbs, back pain, rheumatism, polio, fetal bleeding, spermatorrhea, impotence, high blood pressure, or nocturia, etc.

According to modern medicine

Through studies, it has been shown that pea plant has pharmacological uses such as:

  • Lowers blood pressure with direct dilatation of vascular smooth muscle.
  • Reduce serum cholesterol. It also increases coronary blood flow.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, improving the ability of the adrenal cortex.
  • Pain relief, anticonvulsant.
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system.
  • Diuretic.
  • Inhibiting Staphylococcus aureus, Coli bacilli, Flexner dysentery bacilli, diphtheria bacilli, green pus; pneumococci, hemolytic streptococci B.

What diseases does pea plant cure?

14+ effects of pea plant, an indispensable tonic of Vietnamese people which can be mentioned are:

  1. The kidney is yang yang.
  2. Support to cure kidney failure, back pain, tired extremities, healthy bones.
  3. Cure blood stasis with back pain.
  4. Treatment of night sweats after illness.
  5. Treating leprosy, kidney damage, low back pain, spine.
  6. Support for treatment of pregnancy 2-3 months with a miscarriage.
  7. Support the treatment of miscarriage, every 4-5 months of pregnancy is damaged.
  8. Treatment of diseases after birth.
  9. Treat high blood pressure.
  10. Cure urinary frequency, weak liver and kidney, spermatosis, impotence.
  11. Treatment of sciatic nerve pain.
  12. Treatment of spinal pain.
  13. Cure urinary frequency, diarrhea, impotence.
  14. Treatment of back pain, leg can not walk.
What diseases does pea plant cure?
Do Trong brings many effective healing effects

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Remedy from beans

Cure kidney weakness, back pain, knee fatigue, impotence:

Do Trong, ox tat, secular section, dong quai, kumquat, three halves, crane tit, core tonic, circuit mon, noi Son, 12g each, excellent drink or powdered with honey. Use 15-20g per day, divided into 2 times.

Do weight 16g, crane capacity 12g, grinding tubers 12g, bone marrow supplement 16g, spleen solution 16g, rabbit ty Tu 12g, scratched grass root 12g, crane pillow root 12g, bone pain 12g. Color drink.

Cure low back pain

Do Trong, tangerine seeds, 80g each. The stars are finely dispersed and gradually drunk with salt water and alcohol.

Do Trong, Pi explain, Goji roots. Sacrifice with alcohol, drink daily.

Cure stolen sweat

Do Trong, sample (oyster shell), equal amount. Finely ground, drink with alcohol, 1 teaspoon each time.

Cure women with habitual miscarriage

Do Trong, dog tich, three halves, ground, cow’s breast, thorny tubers, dong quai, customary passages, why why, 10g each. Sac drink (preventive drink when pregnant for 2-3 months)

Treatment of fetal movements and diseases after childbirth

Dumplings, jujubes, pounded and made into pea-sized pellets. Take 2 times a day, 10 tablets each time.

Cure children’s diseases of malnourished and congenitally ill

Do Trong 4g, field 8g, medicinal paint 4g, paint thug 4g, healer spirit 4g, ox socks 4g, peony 3g, description 3g, five flavors 2g, auxiliary processing 1.2g, hummus cinnamon 0.8g. Color drink.

Treatment of cerebral bleeding and sequelae in hypertensive patients

Do Trong 12.5g, lotus leaf 15.5g, birthstone 10g, circuit butt 10g, tang Kinh 10g, Bach Thuong 16g, licorice 15.5g. Sac and divided drink during the day. Three days after starting treatment, blood pressure dropped significantly. After 5-6 days the patient spoke better and was able to move.

Remedy from beans

Treat high blood pressure

Do Trong 33g, Hoang Ba 10g, sa Nhan 6.6g, licorice 6.6g. In case of heart failure, add cinnamon 6.6g. Add 800ml of water, boil for 15-20 minutes, divide and drink 3 times a day.

Treatment of Trichomonas disease

Do Trong 10g, Duong Quy 10g, Bach Thuoc 6g, Chain Thuong 6g, Biogeo 10g, Tangerine peel 3g, talc 12g, sample background 12g, cross frame 6g. Soak in 500ml of 40 degree alcohol for 7 days. Drink 20ml each time, 2 times a day.

Cure yin exhaustion, back pain, knee fatigue, spermatorrhea, afternoon fever, night sweats

Do Trong, oxen, goji berries, each taste 60g, fetal vegetables (vegetables, no disease) 1 set, royal ba, grilled bare skin, 40g each, 15g dried ginger. The placenta is cut off the tendons and membranes, taken the bright red segment, soaked in wine for one night, then cooked to extract the water. Goji, bean curd, oxen, emperor cook condensed water, mix with placenta juice, dry ginger, powdered, put on the pan, away from the sand to make it high, add 25% alcohol, put in a bottle Close the cap tightly. 3 times a day.

Cure kidney failure, nervous weakness, high blood pressure

Do Trong 12g, fetal placenta 1 pc, party ginseng, shrewd geese, oxen, long bones, mother lilies, each 16g, Tianmen, circuit mons, reviving spirits, each 12g, emperor 8g, creating a sense of 4g. powder, make tablets, drink 6-20g per day.

Treat bronchial asthma when the asthma is over

Do Trong 60g, field 80g, Hoang Ba, Quy Quy, 60g each, dried fetal vegetables, circuit mon, Thien Mon, ox socks, 40g each. Crush into small tablets, take 10g each time, 2 times a day.

No hypertension, yin, yang, pulse

Do Trong 14g, jelly of resolution 20g, parasitic tang, utility model, nightlife, 16g each, tortoise, tortoiseshell, ox sock, king bird, 12g each, 8g in each, 6g in heavenly ma. If you have a headache, add 12g chrysanthemum flowers, 12g Menopause, if you sleep less, add 8g apple cider vinegar, 8g dead man. Sac drink, on a ladder.

Cure sciatic nerve pain due to spinal degeneration causing compression

Do Trong 8g, poison active, parasitic tang, ox sock, ginseng party, restorer spirit, bai thuoc, dong quai, kumquat, big apple, 12g each, maple room, licorice, 8g each, sacrifice Tan, cinnamon chi, each taste 6g. Sac drink, day 1 ladder.

Treating occlusive arteritis

Do Trong 16g, Dan Ginseng, Hoang Ba, 20g each, Father Tu Che, Regulations, Yi Ye, Royal Flag, Party Ginseng, Bach Thuoc, Nguoi Sot, Armor, Tiger Bone, Birth Site, 16g each, Tung weather, majesty, rose flower, peach man, quince, cross-frame, room period, frequency communication, independent activity, restoration spirit, Hoang Cam, Duong Quy, each 12g, Tran skin, sacrifice Tan, Binh Lang, Cinnamon chi, each taste 8g, licorice 4g. Cook to high.

Cure menstrual pain

Do Trong 8g, Party Ginseng 16g, Bach Truc, Hoai Son, Hoang Ky, Thuc Thuoc, Break Co Chi, 12g each, Duong Quy, Cross Frame, A Giao, Mugwort, 8g each .

Do Trong 8g, Thuc Loc, Bach Truc, Party Ginseng, Profanity, 12g each, Duong Quy, Cross Frame, Bach Thuoc, Phu Linh, Extra incense, 8g each, 4g Licorice honorable, secular).

Treatment of pregnancy, there is bleeding due to blood loss

Do Trong 12g, Party ginseng 16g, Bach Thuoc, Thuoc Hoa, each 12g, Duong Quy 8g, Tran skin 6g, licorice 4g. Color drink.

Cure pregnancy due to trauma, tripping, carrying heavy back pain, bleeding

Do Trong 8g, parasitic tang 16g, Bach Thuoc, vulgar, 12g each, 10g thorny roots, dong quai, a Giao, 8g each.

An Thai moist: Do Trong 8g, party ginseng 16g, sage, Bach Thuoc, Bach Truc, customary, mother la, royal flag, each 12g, dong quai, royal guinea fowl, wormwood, earth travel, extra incense, each flavor 8g, cross-frame 6g, licorice 4g.

Notes when using pea plants

The tree is suitable for many different purposes

Especially those with tinnitus, headaches, kidney failure, dizziness. People with impotence, spermatorrhea, back pain and knee pain. Suitable for pregnant women with physical weakness.

Ty brings many good uses. But people with negative heat must absolutely not use heavy beans.

Hope this article has helped everyone to have more useful knowledge about 14+ effects of pea plant, an indispensable tonic of Vietnamese people. Thanks for everyone’s attention!

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